Galerie Duret



"After my studies in graphic design in Bordeaux, I moved to Dublin, in 1999 at the age of 23: then worked as a graphic designer for a Whisky compagny. As a self-made artist, I spent more and more time drawing and I discovered, during a several months trip to Asia and Oceania, the use of clay in New Caledonia. Back to Europe in 2002, I settled down in Milan and decided to fully dedicate myself to ceramic. I did my first solo exhibition at the Cultural Area Frida.
A new trip to Asia helped me to deepen and personalize my work. Living close to Bordeaux since 2004, I've produced, in the first place, ceramics, associating a shape with a drawing. Searching for more freedom in the way to express myself, I have slowly started giving up clay to prioritize a new material: resin. It allows me to shape my drawings the way I really want it to."