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Born in Romania in 1984 in the city of Arad, DAN CARABAS grew up in Freiburg, Germany. At the age of 14, he discovered in his attic the former camera his father used to work with at a young age.

At the age of 16 Dan bought his first Nikon, the FM2, much more sophisticated than his first device. He started photographing a selection of girls that would tease his young eye.
Holding his high school diploma, he started assisting in a photo studio specialized in still life and advertising photography. Dan would realize a series of still lifes and interiors in Germany and Switzerland. He learned how to work in a studio, and how to catch the light in order to reveal the essential quality of each object. Soon he felt the desire to work with people instead of objects.
After travelling to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg he ended up in Vienna where he made a determinant encounter with an italian fashion photographer: Claudia CASSENTINI. 
Claudia was captivated by the intensity of Dan’s motivation and decided to take him under her wing. Dan assisted her in realizing fashion advertising campaigns in Italy, Germany, Egypt, Tunisia and Austria.
The adventure lasted two years during which he has encountered a lot of people and has fulfilled a part of his dream: working with people, and create a feeling, an internal energy.

Dan realized his first portfolio, which was essential for introducing his work as a photographer to professionals. He met his first clients from the fashion and beauty industry. Two years of travelling with Claudia have made him realized that Vienna was far too small. He then decided to leave for New York, where he interned at the famous Art Partner agency.
The American Dream in his mind he decided to move to Paris where he had the opportunity to assist for Michael BAUMGARTEN; at the same time he worked as an intern at the prestigious Studio Rouchon. That is how Dan started getting involved in fashion series for VOGUE, NUMERO, and HARPER’s BAZAAR.
During this time he collaborated with the leading figures of the fashion photography industry: Milan VUKMIROVIC, Greg KADEL, Patrick SWIRC and Satochi SAIKUSA.
He then decided to fulfill himself as a fashion photographer and started developing his own style.

Dan edited his first book “7stories” in 2010 in which he reveals his passion and ambition. “7stories” illustrates intimate moments proposing a new vision of women : natural, uninhibited and freer than ever.
Each picture is unique, with its own melancholy and sensuality. 7stories presents a set of pictures taken in the model’s own apartment with natural light. The women are not posing, they are simply themselves.
Dan has named each of his pictures with the name of the model, who appears very often to be a friend. The photo becomes a person: Isabella, Vera, Aleksandra, and Leonie become memories of week-ends spent in Vienna and Paris.
Dan’s work manages the perfect combination of elegance and sensibility. As a fashion photographer he uses his objective in order to play with feminine contours. Each picture tells a story, with a scenario and a “mise-en-scene”.
The choice of his supports and dimensions reveals the intimacy of the scene, and highlights the connection between the photographer and his model.
When one looks at his work, one can only tell about its sensuality, its art of suggestion, and the guessing that remains about what had happened before and after the scene was shot. Each spectator is able to develop his own interpretation.

Dan has received many awards, he has been exhibited in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Portugal. He has also portrayed actresses and realized a video for “L’Officiel”, as well as fashion series for french, german and austrian magazines (GQ, l’Optimum, Vogue …) . His book “7stories” was selected by the prestigious Festival of Fashion & Photography in Vienna in 2011. He have exhibited next to the leading figures of the photography industry: Michel COMTE, RANKIN, Albert WATSON, etc.

PPL Award 2010 Special Price, PPL Award 2009, Hapimag Photo Award 2009
Professional Portrait Trophy 2007, Editorial Award by RÖMERQUELLE 2007

Commands, acquisitions and publications
2012 - February « 7STORIES » - LTD Gallery, AAF – Brussels (Belgium) Group exhibition
2011 - June « PROJECTIONS FROM 7STORIES » - 11 Festival for fashion & Photography – Vienna (Austria) Solo exhibition
2011 - February « 7STORIES » - LTD Gallery, AAF - Brussels (Belgium) Group exhibition
2010 - October « XPOSED IN MUNICH #1 » - LEHEL – Munich (Germany) Group exhibition
2010 - September – October « 7STORIES » - LeTIGRE - Paris (France) Solo show
2010 - Septembre « PORTRAITS » - FESTIMAGE – International Photography - Caves (Portugal) Group exhibition,
2010 - June – September « UNTERWEGS ZU HAUSE » -KUNSTSCHACHT ZOLLVEREIN – Essen (Germany) Group exhibtion
2008 - January « IDENTITÄT(EN) » - ESSL MUSEUM - Schömer-Haus - Klosterneuburg (Austria)  Group exhibtion
2007 - August « EUROPAS BAUSTEINE » - GLOBart Academy – Pernegg (Autriche) Group exhibtion
2007 - Juin – Juillet « EDITORIAL AWARD » - KUNSTHALLE – Vienna (Austria) Group exhibtion

2010 - PPL Award - Special Price.
2009 - PPL Award - Hapimag.
2009 - Photo award.
2007 - Professional Portrait Trophy.
2007 - Editorial Award by RÖMERQUELLE.