Galerie Duret



Alexandra Battezzati is a French artist born in 1980. She lives and works in Nice, France.

« The painting of Alexandra invariably appeals the nature in all its splendor, a powerful and simple presence, without artifice, which is there in the moment, but also for all eternity.
Waves break evoking the power of the elements, colored stones with a thousand sparkles, are an ode to light, because it is only it, glittering, modeling the relief or the bark, breaking through the skies clouds, ruffling the trees, from their roots to their branches and in the changing reflections of the water. 
From a shade, from the black and gray emerge the color in a blazing sunrise and the subtle heat that invaded us comes from what we see as much as what doze in us, far from the walls we build between us and the world, we mix, we escape, we become free. »