Galerie Duret



Onemizer is borned in 1987 in the south of France. He spent a part of his childhood in Africa, where he met art for the first time especially watercolour. He returned in France as a teenager, there he had discovered the parisian graffiti during walks with his parents around the city. Motorways sides and parisian subways are real museums for him. This crush pushed him to stroll in wasteland and decommissioned stations to perfect his painting on walls out of any sight. After high school he studied arts in a design school, but soon prefer to keep going as an autodidact. Little by little, he goes to the wall to the canvas and pushed by is entourage he has started to show and display his work according to his encounters in luxury hotels, restaurants and bars… Then he held his first exhibitions in Bordeaux and Paris. Now he exposes all around the world, in London, Singapour, Brussels, Dubai, there he had participate to the world recond of the biggest graffiti. He finds inspiration in the pop art with artist like Basquiat and Warhol but also in his daily life and in the global street art. He likes to work on the typography and to revisit celebrities’ portrait. Throught the years he has developed a wide panel of differents styles, still using graffiti, spray paint and sags and mainly a myriad of colors. He uses many different techniques as spray paint, stencil, drawings, ink, brushes and sometimes is own hands. He always want to renew his art, he likes changing techniques, changing support… It is the visual impact and the clash of colors that make his work so unique.