Galerie Duret


Rakel Wajnberg


The young artist Rakel Wajnberg offers an immersion in a colorful and modern world. Somewhere between rock and glamour, always with a touch of humour, her artworks reflect her bubbly personality. Rakel had always been creative and passionate with arts of all kinds. She is a graduate of the prestigious Parisian fashion school: Esmod. After she had her children, she finally decided to stop her career in Fashion industry and to dedicate herself to the painting.
She is inspired by pop culture icons, especially by cinema superstars as Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newmann or Brigitte Bardot. As a great admirer of pop and street art founders – Andy Warhol and JM Basquiat, she naturally includes them in her work. She aims at surprising positively the viewer of her artworks and creating an emotion between them [the viewer & the artwork]. Her artworks play on bright colors and on familiar and evocative motifs that she borrows from advertising imagery. She takes up the theme of malabar, a famous sweat that breathes innocence and freedom, through her large canvases where she combines iconic stars and childish candy. Always seeking to reinvent herself, Rakel chose to expand her work to sculpture by making "malabar sculptures", logical continuation of her paintings, where again she represents her favorite icons like Karl Lagarfeld, Coco Chanel or Kate Moss.
Rakel’s aim is to create objects with a strong identity flirting between the nostalgia evoked by the motif and the modernity of the realization. She exhibits her artwork in galleries all around the world: Paris, NYC, Tel Aviv and much more. With her work, she seduces collectors and gallerists and establishes herself as a leading figure of contemporary art.