Galerie Duret



Since his young age the French artist Aaron is sensible to art, at this time his grandfather was a painter and the young boy decided to express his creativity in music. Jazz pianist since adolescence he always had been moved by the desire to create, to share and to give happiness to his family. In tribute to his deceased grandfather he took « Aaron » as his stage name, injecting an intimate dimension to his work. He has started his work with collage, using diverse objects: motorbike’s helmets, instruments. Leaded by a overflowing creativity he diversify himself imagining quirky universe, with appropriation he creates unique. Each piece tells it own story and among them dollars particularly seduce. There Aaron is focusing on great icons, those who marked minds and in who the artist sees a special effect, a certain sensibility. Then we find major pop culture figures such as Charlie Chaplin, Obama, Marilyn Monroe or Kate Moss. His artworks combine pop art and street-art through the digital media. Aaron’s identity assert itself in the avant-gardism of his beloved media: the digital art and in the timelessness of the represented subjects. His artistic references are multiple: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean Michel Basquiat and Romero Britto. Aaron also express himself through fantastic landscapes where the artist’s imagination is raised to poetry and onirism, balanced by his constant derision. He defines his universe as colorful, joyful, pop and modern. Optimism is his purpose. His career never stops to grow; in may 2017 he exhibit in New York and join the pantheon of contemporary artists such as Mr Brainwash, Jonone, Bruno Catalano or Speedy Graffito.