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Philippe BERRY

Born in Paris in 1956, Philippe Berry lives and works in Paris.

After studying at ESAG Penninghen in 1974, he first worked as an illustrator graphic designer for various textile houses before becoming a model maker, then worked asan artistic director in various advertising agencies.
Between 1980 and 1984, Philippe Berry created posters for cinema and  stage sets (especially for Night of drunkenness, the ex-wife of my life, kitchen and outbuildings, solo, partners, a great cry of love ... ).
Passionate about art, he began painting before devoting himself fully to sculpture in 1988.

His work is based on the exploration of childhood. Balloons, dinosaurs, wrestler figurines and other subjects are all poetic ways of shaping bronze, his favorite material, which allows him to deepen his research on both volume and color.
He describes himself as an artist motivated by joy and desire and apprehends his art as a way to give life to the toys he likes and wants to pass down.
He likes the idea that we can have different looks on his works, thus proposing a multiple reading.

The work of Philippe Berry is a perfect blend of children's works, colorful and works of contemplation on balance, technique and freedom ...




Bronze and tinted silver projection