Galerie Duret


Spray !, Brussels, September 2017

This fall 2017, the Galerie Duret reveals Onemizer’s, Aaron’s, Rakel Wajnberg’s, Nolwenn Samson’s and David Gerstein’s new artworks. This unique reunion is the result of the gallery’s deep interest in these artists and the desire to place under the sign of Pop and Street Art; an artistic phenomenon without compare celebrated by critics and art historians. Appropriating the great symbols of our society, these artists propose colourful and ludic artwork in which pop culture symbols, graffiti and urban poetry intermingle. Among the selected artworks you will discover Aaron’s customized dollars, Sophie Rakel Wajnberg’s sweetened sculptures and paintings, Nolwenn Samson’s committed canvases and Onemizer’s portable mural. Spray! Invites itself to the 25, rue de l’Amazone from the september 19 to the October 31 for an exhibit you cannot miss!