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01.09.2015 30.09.2015

Vertiges, September 2015

Vertiges, September 2015

This week in Vertiges, an article about the exhibition Lignes, Formes et Couleurs currently at the Galerie Duret Brussels.


11.06.2015 31.07.2015

Sea, Art & Sun, June 2015

Sea, Art & Sun, June 2015

Please join us to the summer exhibition « Sea, Art & Sun » ! It’s at the Art Gallery Duret, located in the Châtelain District right in the heart of Ixelles.

Starting June 11 till July 31, 2015 the exhibition presents paintings, sculptures, acrylics on canvas and resins.  « Sea, Art & Sun » places itself Sous le soleil exactement !

You are invited to laziness while admiring the latest wall art pieces from the Israeli artist David Gerstein (1944). Sun of the Beach series (2014) shows in 3D universal romantic scenes at the beach, sexy or just funny.

In a serene ambiance and just before summer season starts you’ll be able to plunge into all azur-blues of French Riviera. You’ll surreptitiously take a bite of the colourful Smarties – pebbles from the artist Alexandra Battezzati invited to the show.

Nolwenn Samson, an artist from Salon-de-Provence, finds inspiration in all types of excess summer allows us to think of. She is one the greatest female artists of Street Art movement. Her soaking characters, saturated with material but smooth and glossy tell us a lot about the season everybody is waiting for all year long.

During summer Nature reaches its climax. Spanish artist Virginia Benedicto (a painter and a sculptor) knows that all too well. Her unique pieces Pommes rafraîchissantes look good enough to eat ! Not to mention her citrus-yellow, sea-green and cherry-red acrylics, which splash everywhere on her canvas.

Now you get it ! Summer rhymes with desire and pleasure… These are the key words of « Sea, Art & Sun » exhibition at the Duret Gallery.

Artists exhibited : David Gerstein, Virginia Benedicto, Nolwenn Samson, Paul Picka, Nicolas Dubreuille.

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04.12.2014 07.12.2014

Gucci Paris Masters, December 2014

Gucci Paris Masters, December 2014

Exhibition of works by Virginia Benedicto, Nicolas Dubreuille David Gerstein & Jacques Tenenhaus.

Last leg of the acclaimed Masters Grand Slam Indoor events, the Gucci Paris Masters, it's four 'not to be missed' days of glamour, excitement and world class Show Jumping.

The 6th edition of the Gucci Paris Masters, perfect blend of elegance and sport, concludes an unprecedented equestrian year in France (World Cup Final, World Equestrian Games…). More than 200.000 visitors are expected at the Gucci Paris Masters and Salon du Cheval de Paris next December.

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